When I was 12, a classmate took me aside. You know people would talk to you more if you looked them in the face. In the eyes, she said. You know?  I looked up into her eyes. She smiled and I filed the information under ‘how to people’. Coronavirus swept the world into chaos when… Continue reading Catacomb

Nuclear caul

I can tell you for sure, silver rhymes with nothing at all. But you can make slant rhymes and find internal meter. Words that are close, but not quite. They’re not right. Like sliver. And filter. And kilter. And wilter. That’s the person who wilts under pressure, you know? That’s not me, though. I’ve never… Continue reading Nuclear caul

The hunting of the shrew

A few weeks ago, Darty brought in a shrew. We said thanks and cooed over him, which was maybe a mistake. Because the next day, he brought in a field mouse. We told him we didn’t need it, we had plenty of food thanks. But he didn’t listen. That night, he brought us a small… Continue reading The hunting of the shrew