Fiction 2024

Short Fiction

  • Candidate 1143172 cover letter: Junior pot scrubber (forthcoming). Nature: Futures
  • Marked Unread (forthcoming). Extrasensory Overload: An anthology of speculative excess
  • Breakup, breakdown, breakfast (2024). Manawaker Studio Podcast
    • A sweet, soft story about a kid, a breakup, a mother, and some reanimated animal constructs
  • Plastic-eating fungus caused doomsday[2][3] (2024). Nature: Futures
    • Information must be disseminated! Log in to help keep the information on this fungal outbreak up to date.
  • I applaud as the stars shoot across the sky (2024). Northern Gravy
    • Decisions are being made, but not necessarily by you. A sad, magic relationship story.
  • The room on the other side of the plexi (2024). Stupefying Stories
    • How many steps to save the last piece of a past life?
  • Friends in High Places (2024). Mythaxis Magazine, Issue 37 & Upbeat Tales, Issue 15 dual release
    • Join a priest, a scribe, and a whore on a sideways take on fantasy quests, which leads you through the forest to the beginning of the story.
  • At a higher dose, love (2024). Daikaijuzine
    • Is human photosynthesis the future we need to avert climate change?
  • Resident tracker (2024). Androids and Dragons.
    • A gentle AI story about change and acceptance.
  • Escape choice (2024). The Future Fire, Issue 2024.68
    • Neurodivergence is hard enough on Earth, but what if you live in a spaceship?
    • Listed as a ‘must read’ in Reactor Mag’s Jan 2024 stories
  • Purity and dirty chai (2024). Bath Flash Fiction Award, Vol 8
  • Quiet life pie (2024). London Independent Story Prize