2023 awards eligible stories

I had a whole bunch of short stories published this year, some of which are eligible for awards. If you’re out there nominating stories for horror, sci-fi, or other awards (Hugo, Nebula, Stoker, Astounding, etc.), I’d love your support. 

Here are the ones that you could nominate:

Guided meditation: Accepting updates to your firmware (2023). Apex Magazine, Strange Machines Anthology.

Power off. Power on. Accept your updates. For now.

10207 (2023). Elegant Literature

Probably nothing bad happens after you donate your body to science, right?

Under the neon signs (2023). Trembling with Fear

Maybe just get your kids what they ask for.

Violin exposure (2023). JAKE

Parenting is all fun and games until the school runs an under-eights music concert.

Join with me tomorrow (2023). Utopia Science Fiction Magazine, Aug/Sept issue

A love story from the world to the the survivors.

Compost (2023). Sci-fi shorts.

You are the future of food

In the stillness (2023). The Stygian Lepus, Issue 4. 

What can happen when it all becomes too much. CW: postnatal depression; infant death

Wok and roll: Fatpacket sizzle (2023). Anthroposphere

A food blog post for the near future!

Close your windows soon, folks. The fog is on its way down, and it looks to be a thick one tonight (2023). Honeyguide Literary Magazine, Issue 6

Maybe you can catch insanity from the fog creeping in, so stay away from the windows.

Fractures like windows and time (2023). Moss Puppy, Issue 4.

A take on the metaverse, experienced by a parent. CW: child death

Come back yesterday (2023). Elegant Literature, Vol 16.

Pen Dulum finds out first-hand what it’s like to get timey wimey.

I’m not sure if drabbles count for anything, but if they do, here’s a few:

At the end of the tether (2023). Fairfield Scribes*micro*fiction

Bloom (2023). Trembling with Fear, Horror Tree

Corrupted file (2023). Microfiction Monday

Breakfast with family (2023). 101 Words

Do you need a HoloDay? (2023). Microfiction Monday